Hello again.

Heres one for the brains trust ...

We have a 700 hr 912 100hp fitted to a MTO 03 Sport gyrocopter.

I have owned her and serviced her from new, and she has been a gem.

Recently sold her to one of my students, who lives approx 250 kms away in a very dry and dusty area.

He has noticed small black carbon (?) exhaust flakes appearing on the tailplane with fairly regular occurrence.

Thats the best way to describe them... very small, very delicate, very black and easily wiped off.

Part of my preflight was to always clean the tailplane, something the new owner does not do.

Maybe I just cleaned them away before they had a chance to build up enough for me to notice them ...!!!


Anyhow, have done all the normal stuff, plugs, carbies overhauled, air cleaners, etc etc.

Compression and leak down are great. To my knowledge the new owner has not changed anything IE fuel type, plug type, operations etc.


Thanks again in advance.

Don Cramer.





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    by » 5 months ago

    Don, I had a very similar experience with an almost new (< 50 Hours)912 ULS.  Suspected fuel was the culprit.  I was using non-ethanol 93 octane from a wholesaler. Tried a different source and the issue persisted.  I live near a large lake and in the winter 93 octane fuel sales are slow.  I suspect the fuel was old or there were additives in it that caused the problem.  I started using Swift fuel (unleaded 94 octane) and within 2 hours run time the carbon flakes disappeared.  Have been using Swift fuel for about 9 months without a reoccurrence. 
    Gary Schaffer

    Thank you said by: Don Cramer

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