Engine oil purge

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After doing the 5 year rubber replacement I did the engine oil purge as per the video. Is there any reason not to do the lifter check after getting oil pressure by rotating the prop by hand and before starting the engine?

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    Good morning Jim!


    So, reason you do the lifters check after oil purge, is just to make sure than the lifters are loaded.

    If you have one or more unloaded lifters, you can damage it by starting the engine, it can make a mark on the plate of it(the part than is in contact with the camshaft), when the lifters are unloaded, it can run only in one position by a short period of time, but the necessary time to make a mark on it, and the lifter will not work properly, the lifters works spinning, just for the reason to dont work in only one position, it will worn the lifter plate, and if you run the engine with a unloaded lifter, the possibility of it happens is way to high.

    So, i would recommend a lifter test, just to make sure then you have a long life lifters and engine!


    hope to be helpful!



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    I wonder the same thing Jim. It seems that since Rotax is pretty clear about doing it after running (they caution the engine will be hot) it's probably best to do it that way, but it sure seems like it could (and should?) be done before running the engine.

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