912ULS high EGT

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I finally got my RV12 out for an extended flight.  Cruising at 6500 ft, 5000 rpm and I noticed both EGT readings  were at high yellow and creeping into the red.  They dropped upon descent at lower rpm, higher speed.  Any suggestions?

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    EGT's vary at different throttle settings. It is acceptable.
    If it's been quite a while since a carb sync I would suggest you.

    lean mixture of carburetor also causes of High EGT.

    Tell exact figure of EGT and side wise location .(EGT Left or EGT Right)??



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    You left out a lot of info. Is this a new plane/new to you? Has it not been run in a while. What type of engine instruments and if new was the scaling for the display setup properly? Does it run OK other than high EGT's? What is the distance of the probes from the exhaust ports? What is its history?

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