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There has been a significant decline in posts since the forum has been "upgraded". It looks like I am not the only one who doesn't like how it works. 



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    by » 9 months ago

    Thanks for your feedback, Alan.

    Actually our server logs do not show any statistically meaningful change in forum activity since adopting the new forum software a few weeks back.

    Rest assured that we are  working towards making it behave as similar as possible to the 'old' (2013-style)  forum - we just have to be patient as the web developers get new code features debugged. It's a difficult time for them, with two underlying sub-platforms plus a whole programming language in transition (due to the deprecation of old standards and a lot of almost daily new security flaws being uncovered in the basic fabric of the internet...) But ongoing work on our forum is in progress!

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    by » 8 months ago

    I have to disagree. General Tech hasn't had a post in over 2 weeks and 912/914 is only slightly better. 

    It looks like you're being shunned.


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