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Good afternoon.

I’m TL3000 Sirius owner with 912is engine. I fly in a big controled airport and before take off I need taxi more than 1 mille. During the taxi water temperature increase and it is in yellow zone, and when I need to take off it is in red zone. I can’t take off.

TL sent me an electrical fan. After I installed it the water temperature increase slowly, but it’s enought. 

Do you know what I can do?

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    the statement you made says that the problem is solved now. So what is the question ?


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    Sorry, I worte wrong.

    The electric fan that I installed ISN'T enought; Before I take off water temperature is in red arch.

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    Firstly I would check that the shroud that came from TL is fitted tightly or has a rubber seal to the Radiator so the fan can pull the air through the radiator. Secondly check that the fan is operating when needed  install a 12V LED light on the fan circuit in the cockpit.

    Finally if this is not enough you can look into a more powerful fan (higher flow rate). The fan has specs and code numbers on the side Look for a similar diameter one that is more powerful.




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